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Hypernova Solar president, Alex Hughes, with SUIE's solar car team at ASC2018

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Believe in our mission? Interested in making a difference? Want to help push the world in a better direction?

We are looking for new sponsors and donors to join us in our mission of making the world a better place. Want to come along for the journey?

Become our first Diamond or Platinum Sponsor

Sponsorships at all levels of contribution are important to our team, but its the few Platinum and Diamond-tier sponsors that really push us over the edge of success.

Interested in starting a relationship that will last for years to come? Reach out to us at

Gold Level Sponsors



NOVEC, or the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, is a locally-owned electric distribution system which provides reliable electric service to more than 170,000 homes and businesses in the Northern Virginia region.

Joining us during the Summer of 2019, NOVEC sponsored Hypernova Solar before almost anyone else, providing us valuable support at a critical time. 


Widelity is a leading provider of business and network engineering consulting services for Telecom Service Operators and the technology infrastructure and application development community.

Joining us during the Fall of 2019, Widelity provided a huge amount of support and encouragement to our team right as we were taking off.


Bronze Tier Sponsors

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